PrimusLabs offers Webtools at no cost:
Online Audit System
PrimusLabs' online audit version for the field, packing house, greenhouse and cold storage self-audit is now available. We encourage you to try this most convenient of all methods for using our self-audits. As an online submission, it is also no cost to the user. We will score it, benchmark against other audits, develop a corrective measures response, and return it to you via e-mail!

Quality Assurance Auditing
A great way to develop, implement and maintain your product quality program in-house. Helps show customers your commitment and helps prepare for any external audits from buyers or third parties.

Manual Development Toolkit
PrimusLabs has developed a free set of templates and tools to assist food industry producers develop their food safety programs. This is part of the ongoing free support that PrimusLabs has been providing to the industry since 1998.

Document Development Program
The Document Development Program is a step by step, easy to use interactive manual builder. The manuals are designed to help shippers, growers, and produce suppliers reduce the risk of microbial, chemical or physical contamination from the field to the distribution of fresh produce. It is provided at no cost for the United States Food Safety Manuals to comply with USA retailers and markets.


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