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Environmental Monitoring

PrimusLabs Environmental Monitoring Services

PrimusLabs offers development of Rotation programs at no-charge to the customer. Simply provide an equipment list and sampling points you would like to target, and work with our staff to determine frequencies. Don’t know where to start, contact us to learn more!

What is a Rotation Program?

In many cases, environmental monitoring programs are set up to have ongoing verification of your systems and processed. However, sampling every point every time may be burdensome. As well, sampling straight down the list over time may introduce unintentional bias. In other words, if a team knows where the next samples are coming from, they may focus more attention on those areas than others.

Once the sample points are determined throughout your process, we can help with randomizing the sample points and assigning them a unique code within our system. The sample points can then be broken up by a set or custom time-frame (weekly, monthly, etc.) to ensure your samples are taken at the desired frequency.

And as new equipment is brought in, or processes are changed, the rotations are easily adaptable to incorporate additions and removals.



Rotation development is available regardless of who samples. PrimusLabs offers sampling services including recurring events and one-off requests.

Or, if you prefer to sample and submit yourself, we are pleased to provide you with the rotations and corresponding sample point IDs.

(Link? Interested in our sampling services, learn more here.)


Sample Point Trending and Data Analysis

With each sample point being unique, we are able to link them to the corresponding test result every time they are sampled. This allows for trending and analysis over time, and even further decision making capability.