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Data Management

The Results You Need Now... in the Cloud

Online, organized, and connected.

The automatic transfer of your results into the Azzule platform allows you to leverage its supply chain, data management, and compliance features to connect with buyers and market your food safety efforts.

Powered by Azzule Systems, the Laboratory Information Management System, utilized by PrimusLabs is a fully customized system designed to integrate directly into your cloud-based supply chain management environment. Integrating directly with the Azzule Platform with synced software allows PrimusLabs to deliver a superior and secure product to its clients. Live Results are reported directly into each clients’ Documentation module in their Azzule sites, which then allows a client to take advantage of additional Supply Chain, Compliance, and Reporting modules to make the most of the data provided.

Set alerts for results out of spec, automatically generate reports for your customers or quarterly reports, set automatic transfers to your clients or from your suppliers for instant results sharing, quickly identify results out of spec in your analytics dashboard, or automatically generate reports for your clients or quarterly reports. With Azzule’s integrated platform, the possibilities are endless.

How Does it Work?

Order your samples taken and/or analyzed as you normally would with a laboratory that is either currently using Azzule Laboratory Software, or request that your current lab connect using an Azzule Lab API.

Log into your Azzule account, and once your laboratory has completed its assays, your results will automatically appear in your Documentation.

And that's all! It's that simple. Your results can be transferred to your customers, exported, printed, or otherwise shared with stakeholders instantly.

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A Global Food Safety Initiative Scheme

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Connect to your buyers inside the world’s largest food safety data exchange, quickly and at no cost.

A Smart Laboratory Solution

With an integrated laboratory solution, PrimusLabs clients can look at their data in ways you never thought possible.

Compare regions, facilities, or ever products against each other. We can track time it takes suppliers to send you their results or even predict whether a testing program is doing too little or too much testing per operation. Compare audits. Track your historical progress to easily see improvements in your supply chain. Trend laboratory results or audits movement to your site.