TPA Network Auditor Development

Process For Becoming A Third Party Auditor (TPA) Network User

1) Review the PrimusLabs website auditing related pages, including PrimusLabs GAP and PrimusLabs GMP audit guidelines, checklists and disclaimers.

2) Review the auditor qualifications web page.

3) Prepare and forward cover letter, resume (and supporting documentation) and at least two letters of reference.

3.1) Cover letter – please use this to introduce your application to be a third party auditor. Please explain what kind of third party auditor participation you wish to attain (third party auditor network user or PrimusLabs subcontractor or PrimusLabs employee, please click here to see the difference). Please note which type of audit scheme(s) you would like to utilize (for example PrimusLabs GAP, PrimusLabs GMP for TPA Network Users, also PrimusGFS, GlobalG.A.P., NOP, etc., if considering becoming a PrimusLabs subcontractor or PrimusLabs employee auditor).

3.2) Resume – please note education history, work history, training history, language skills, computer skills, membership of professional and trade associations and any other relevant information. Please make sure that the resume meets the requirements of the qualifications page.

Note that resumes will be reviewed for third party auditing conflict of interest issue. For example, being employed by a company in the auditee’s industry would be a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest is dealt with in more detail later in the process if there is a wish to become a subcontractor or PrimusLabs employee auditor.

3.3) Supporting Documentation. Please include documentation to support the resume, for example copies of education related certificates and course transcripts, copies of training certificates and explanations of the training courses.

3.4) Letters of Reference - supply two letters of reference from industry leaders in the produce supply chain. Examples include buyer technical managers, facility and grower technical managers. These letters should explain why the candidate would be a good food safety auditor. The sources of these letters must agree to being contacted by Primus Auditing Dept. to verify details and discuss the candidate’s application.

Please mail to: Auditing Technical Manager
2810 Industrial Parkway
Santa Maria, CA 93455
Or email:

4) On receiving the application package, the Auditing Dept. will review the details and may follow up for more information and/or clarification of the details. Once reviewed the candidate will be informed of the outcome, their prospects of being an auditor at the various levels available and the possible audit scopes they might meet.

The standards are high for all levels and many applicants fail for one or more reasons. Applicants can re-apply if they feel they have met the shortfalls in the first application attempt for example gained more experience or obtained a new education credential.

5) Online Questionnaire. Successful candidates will be provided website links for online GAP and GMP questionnaires. These are open book questionnaires designed to show the candidate the depth and breadth of knowledge required to perform food safety audits.

6) If all the above are successfully completed a TPA Network User will be offered the chance to register. The registering requirements are as follows:-

6.1) Annual fee of $100, payable on the initial registration and then due every January thereafter. There is a charge of $40 per audit created on the PrimusLabs database, with extra charges if transferring to multiple buyers ($15 per transfer).

6.2) Completion of a standard resume format for uploading onto the PrimusLabs website.

6.3) Agreement to allow to post on the website the TPA user name, company name, location, e-mail address and other pertinent details as needed.

6.4) Registering means that the TPA Network agrees with all PrimusLabs user agreements and disclaimers, including that all data on the PrimusLabs databases is owned by PrimusLabs.

6.5) All auditors can be suspended, delisted or have other types of imposed restrictions if deemed necessary by PrimusLabs Audit Dept.

Further requirements to become a Subcontractor (or PrimusLabs Employee Auditor).


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