Auditor Development Requirements
PrimusLabs Contracted and Third Party Auditor Network User Auditor Development Requirements

The table below outlines the different development path between PrimusLabs employed auditors and subcontractors relative to Third Party Auditor Network Users.
V3.1 08312010
a) PrimusLabs Contracted Auditors (Employees & Subcontractors) b) Third Party Auditors (TPA Network Users)
Meet minimum auditor qualifications (checking resume and other credentials)? Yes. Checked by QA. Education, training, experience details – different levels for different audit types. Yes. Checked by QA. Education and experience checked on resumes.
Checked for conflicts of interest? Yes. Checking resume and signing auditor rules Yes. Checking resume.
Letters of references required? Yes. Checked by QA. Two letters of reference. Yes. Checked by QA. Two letters of reference.
Sign auditor rules (incl. confidentiality)? Yes. Signed and dated. N/A. Note TPA's may have their own systems.
Take on line questionnaires? Yes, one for GAP’s and one for GMP's. Yes, one for GAP’s and one for GMP's.
Attend a formal PrimusLabs auditing training course? Yes, 32 hour Primus auditor training course. Optional.
Shadow existing PrimusLabs auditors? Yes. Shadow GAP, GMP, and PrimusGFS (depends on audit type) audit. Optional.
Assessed shadows by PrimusLabs senior auditors? Yes. Must pass shadow assessed audits for each type of audit (GAP, GMP and PrimusGFS). N/A
Subject to PrimusLabs audit report review systems? Yes. N/A
PrimusLabs audit survey systems applied? Yes. Mandated for GMP audits. Feedback is optional for other products and services. N/A
Potentially subject to PrimusLabs audit appeals? Yes. N/A
Required to attend ongoing PrimusLabs training and PrimusLabs shadowing as needed? Yes. New versions, refresher training and 1 to all/ 1 to 1 communications. Shadows as needed for example new audit types like PrimusGFS, issue follow up and as per audit type general regulations. Optional attendance to Primus training events.
Lead assessor training (ISO 9000 or ISO 22000)? Optional for Primus Standard Audits. Mandated for PrimusGFS Optional.
Potentially subject to the impositions of suspensions, audit type restrictions and delisting? Yes. Yes.
PrimusLabs contracted auditors are either employee auditors or subcontracted auditors who work for PrimusLabs on an as needed basis. Audit booking and billing is handled by PrimusLabs. Reports bear the PrimusLabs Logo and come with distinctive PrimusLabs yellow certificates.
Third party auditor network users utilize PrimusLabs auditing software to report on food safety audits which have not been contracted, booked or billed with PrimusLabs. While PrimusLabs software generates and stores the reports, the auditor or auditor’s company supplies any other materials, for example certificates.


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