Relationship Between Auditing Products & Auditor Entities
Relationship Between Auditing Products & Auditor Entities

PrimusLabs is involved with many audit schemes. The three main product categories are outlined below along with the main auditor entities that have access to these auditing products.
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a) PrimusLabs Contracted Auditors (Employees & Subcontractors) b) Third Party Auditors/Companies Using PrimusLabs Software, TPA Network Users c) Supplier Auditors Using PrimusLabs Free Software d) Self Auditors Using PrimusLabs Free Software
Auditor/Auditee Relationship Third Party Third Party Second Party First Party
Auditing Product Categories Azzule's PrimusGFS Approved as per PrimusGFS General Regulations Approved as per PrimusGFS General Regulations. Third Parties apply separately to Azzule Systems to become approved auditing companies. Paper checklists available online. Paper checklists available online.
PrimusLabs Auditing Software Approved as per PrimusLabs Contracted Auditing Systems. Approved as per PrimusLabs Third Party Audit Software User Systems.* Accessible to Platinum PrimusLabs clients who request this level of access.** Accessible to anyone who registers online.
* charges a user fee of $40 per audit submit on the system for the TPA Network Users
** Please note that PrimusLabs Platinum Clients can request for their own audit templates to be programmed – fees dependent on template complexity.
Please note that above does not include other schemes that PrimusLabs certifies, for example, National Organic Program, GlobalGAP, Tesco Nurture Scheme, etc.

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