Platinum Program Benefits
Within the Western Hemisphere, PrimusLabs is the largest food safety company in the produce industry and is recognized as the gold standard for food safety services. PrimusLabs created the Platinum Program over a decade ago as a statement of transparency and disclosure, therefore providing clients with a marketing tool that is showcased on the PrimusLabs front page.

1) PrimusLabs Logo Usage

PrimusLabs authorizes the use of its name or logo for those clients posting food safety data on its web site. In addition, those clients authorized to use our logo or name, consent to the display of their efforts to third parties.
2) PrimusLabs Price Reduction Benefits

Platinum Program Clients receive price reductions on GAP, GMP and PrimusGFS audits and receive free select data transfers.

Please contact us for more information on pricing, or for any other questions you may have regarding the Platinum Program.
3) PrimusLabs Public Extranet Website

PrimusLabs website is viewed by thousands of companies in the produce industry on a daily basis. The food safety services that your company provides will be marketed on the front page of the PrimusLabs website for your perspective customers to view.

Each Platinum Program Client has a uniquely linked public (extranet) domain website directly off PrimusLabs Website features include, but are not limited to:

  1. General background information about your company, hyperlinks to your proprietary website home page and other commodity specific links.

  1. Listing of the Food Safety Services you utilize.

  1. Display the commodities involved and the frequency with which the services are provided.

  1. Publicly show summary and frequency of Food Service Services.

4) PrimusLabs Private Intranet Website

If a prospective or current customer would like to review the detailed results of your food safety program, you can provide them access to your password protected website, building trust and credibility on your behalf.

Every Platinum Program Client has a uniquely linked private (intranet) domain website. An "https" internet website address (nonpublic) shall be created for storing your audit data. The nonpublic website shall be nested within the nonpublic domain area of PrimusLabs portal at A few of the many website features are listed below:

  1. Your nonpublic website is created utilizing your company customized logo, biographical information and will be updated continually as food safety data is received from the appropriate authorized individuals or firms.

  1. Multiple passwords can be issued to third parties by you to allow access to the website.

  1. Data is posted to the nonpublic website in chronological order with the option of customized query, sorting, and viewing using management tools provided.

    1. Electronic display of internal, third party audits and testing results.

    1. Upload and display compliance documents.


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