Evaluation of Agricultural Inputs Eligible for Organic Agriculture

PrimusLabs review and assessment of the composition and manufacturing process of the final product, and if it is the case, also of the raw materials that compose it. The evaluation is base on the lists of raw materials and/or substances allowed by the regulations and/or international organic standards.

Process for Inputs Evaluation
  • The Registering Company or Registrant in the evaluation process may contact the OC by email, through the website, telephone, among other means.
  • The OC will send electronically to the Registering Company or Registrant, the Application Form for Product Evaluation.
  • If the Registering Company or Registrant requires the services of the OC, communication must start between the two parties to initiate the evaluation process.
    Before starting the evaluation process, the registering company shall send electronically the commercial label of the input, the Application Form for Product Evaluation and the Procedures and Commitments for Product Evaluation signed as original. Also, it is required that the product's sample is shipped to the exact physical address that will be provided by the OC.
  • Once the evaluation process is completed, copies of the Equivalence Confirmation will be issued for its revision.



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